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Maria Milito

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With The Warmer Months, Tips To Get Your Pets Exercised And More!

Curiosity Stream's GIANTS Premieres May 18th!

Maria chats with explorer, field biologist and conservationist DAN O'NEILL about GIANTS,
Curiosity Stream's original 5-part series premiering May 18th!

Dan travels from Africa to South America and Australia in search of giant species while hopefully
finding out their evolutionary secrets.

The 5-part series includes Elephants, Lions, Sharks, Anacondas and Saltwater Crocodiles!

GIANTS Premieres May 18th on Curiosity Stream.

The Cat's Meow: How Cats Evolved From the Savanna to Your Sofa

Maria chats with evolutionary biologist Jonathan B. Losos about his book "The Cats Meow"
Jonathan talks about how cats evolved and why they do the things they do!
It's a fun read and perfect if you're a cat lover or just want to learn more about cats!

Water: Why Every Drop Counts!!

It was just Earth Day (which should be EVERY day!) and Maria chats with Sandra Postel, Director of the independent Global Water Policy Project about our current water condition in the world and what we can all do to preserve and protect it!
This is all tied in to Nat Geo Kids book "Water!! Why Every Drop Counts and How You Can Start Making Waves To Protect It"!!

Big Tree Is A Love Letter To The Natural World As Two Seedlings Save The Planet!

Maria chats with with author and illustrator Brian Selznick about his latest book (a "big" book of 528 pages with about 300 illustrations!) "Big Tree', a story about two seedlings and their journey to save the world! The idea originally came from Steven Spielberg--Brian's book "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" was made into the movie Hugo by Martin Scorcese--hear how this book came to be and what lies ahead. Meryl Streep will narrate the audiobook!
Big Tree is enjoyable for children and adults as well; I loved it!

Joel Sartore's Photo Ark INSECTS

Maria chats with National Geographic photographer, author, conservationist and returning guest Joel Sartore about his latest book "Photo Ark Insects".
Joel explains how the pandemic affected his work; how the book came to be; how he photographed such teeny tiny beings; and his fave photos too!
Learn more (and get the book!) at

Now You Can See Breed-Specific Laws Across The US On An Interactive Map

Maria's chats with Ledy Van Kavage, Best Friends Animal Society's Senior Legislative Attorney, about their new interactive online map that shows BSL (breed-specific laws) and ordinances across the country!

This map helps you if you're moving or thinking of living in a community where BSL exists.
It also helps to know where we need to make change! A pet should NOT be targeted because of its breed. If we remove BSL, more dogs can be adopted into their forever homes.

To see the map and to learn how you can help, go to

Have You Watched The Award-Winning Animal Show AnimalZone?

Maria chats with AnimalZone's host and executive producer Arthur von Wiesenberger about the award-winning animal show ANIMALZONE, now streaming on TUBI.TV.

ANIMALZONE features animal rescues, sanctuaries and animal welfare experts reaching millions of animal lovers! For more info, visit ANIMALZONE.ORG.

Learn About Pressure Point Therapy For Cats and Dogs!

Maria chats with Dr. Michael Pinkus, author of "Pressure Point Therapy for Pets".
We can help our furry pals with a gentle touch of the finger, how cool is that!
From nervousness to an ear infection and more, check out the interview and the book and LEARN!

Mission Meow Works With Businesses To Help Small Cat Rescues

Maria chats with Mission Meow founder Sally Williams (a returning guest; Sally is the founder of The Brodie Fund) about her new non-profit Mission Meow. Mission Meow partners with businesses to crowd-fund donations for smaller feline-focused non-profits.
An example: Raising money for Catsbury Park's (NJ) expansion.
Learn more at!