What It's Like To Be At A Philadelphia Game

Yeah Philadelphia fans are rough. All this blood and debauchery was before the game! They say it got even crazier after the game. Throwing unopened beer cans at the opposing team's fans is such a waste of  good beer! If You are a Minnesota fan and a good catch You just got some free beer. Gotta love Philadelphia it was the only stadium in the league that had a jail and a judge that would work on Sunday before the new stadium. Also the only team fans to throw snowballs with batteries inside at Santa!?! Imagine explaining that to Your kid. No son it's not the real Santa it's the team owner and we hate him. They are a rough bunch and that's from someone who is from Philadelphia. Yes for all You Washington fans I did not forget the infamous body bag game that was one tough game. No I did not forget how much You hate Philadelphia.         



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