Bats In The Belfry And Walmart Too

Bats are some of my favorite critters. You will never find a better exterminator they eat more than twice their body weight in bugs. They help to pollinate and their poop is some of the best fertilizer. The problem people have with them is they (the people) panic and begin screaming and waving their arms all the around. The poor critter that navigates by sound is freaked by the screams and confused by the arm movement. To them something is there for a second and then suddenly gone so they are more afraid of this weirdness going on all of a sudden. Just relax and let the bat fly around You despite what You think the poor guy does not want to get caught in Your hair. Believe it or not bats are all around You on any given summer night feasting on the bugs You draw. You didn't realize that did You? If You don't like that idea stop wearing flowery scents that draw the bugs that draw the bats. Oh You might not want to hang at pools or pounds either the bats are all over that too.         



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