James Dean 90. Lost Him At 24.

James Dean, contrary to belief, was going the speed limit when the fateful crash happened.

A bizarre prediction happened when Sir Alec Guinness (Obi-Wan in Star Wars) told James he had an unshakeable feeling that if he drove the Spyder car he bought he'd be dead in a week. 7 days later James was dead.

The Spyder car itself people believed may have been more cursed than Annabelle the doll. After they recovered the car it was put in a garage that then caught on fire. Other people were accidentally killed by the car when it was either up on a lift to repair, it fell off and crushed a guy and somewhere else at a car show on display. Even parts from the car put in other cars caused issues. Then one day the car just vanished. Recovered 5 years ago. I'd stay away!

There is talk of them doing a CGI movie version of Dean. He would be replacing the King Of Rock Elvis in a movie. Presley Estate turned it down.

James Dean, while an acting genius, had mentors. He said once, you have Marlon Brando in one and Montgomery Clift in the other and somewhere in the middle is James Dean. He did come off like that in looks and talent.

East Of Eden

Rebel Without A Cause

Giant (here you get an idea of an older James Dean. He plays a longer life arc of a character in this)