Watch Metallica's Kirk Hammett Slip On His Wah-Wah Pedal During Guitar Solo

Metallica In Concert - Las Vegas, NV

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett notoriously abuses his signature wah pedals, but now the pedals are fighting back.

Metallica took that stage on a rainy Wednesday evening in Milan, Italy. While the weather didn't interfere with the band performing a typical 'WorldWired' tour set, the wet stage did take Hammett out for a few bars.

Hammett shared video of the Spinal Tap moment on Instagram. In it, he is seen playing his solo on "Moth Into Flame," rocking the wah pedal back and forth. But as the band re-enters the verse of the song, Hammett shifts his weight back onto the pedal to turn it off.

A rain cover on the pedal shifts beneath Hammett's foot and he clumsily tumbles backward, knocking down a mic stand on his way to the floor.

Metallica's cameras perfectly capture Hammett laughing as he sits up, plays the turnaround of the verse riff and then hops back to his feet to finish the song.

"Ummm, I slipped on my wet wah pedal," Hammett wrote in the caption of his post. "It rained so much I felt like I was playing guitar in the shower."

He included the tags #SlipperyWhenWet and #WahWahWah.

A second video attached to the post shows a slow-motion version of the fall.

You can watch both clips in the player below or here.

Metallica has a 'WorldWired' tour dates booked through November. Get all the tour dates here.

Photo: Getty Images

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