Sebastian Bach Takes his Final Shot For A Skid Row Reunion !

“I can just tell the world that there’s a good chance that’ll happen because there’s no f*cking reason not to. Because right now why it hasn’t happened is a miscommunication. That’s all I can say. There’s a miscommunication.”

Sebastian feels sure about reuniting with his old band, but he knows he needs to be careful about it:

“I need to write a thoughtful e-mail clearing up a miscommunication, but I have to make sure it’s the perfect f*cking e-mail and I don’t say anything wrong or make any jokes. I just don’t have the energy to do that right now, but I know I need to do that. I’ve just got a lot on my plate right now.”

The rocker also said he dreams of a peaceful Skid Row reunion without any fighting. But sometimes, even in his dreams, he’s not so sure about it:

“I have a recurring f*cking nightmare where Skid Row reunites, and I go to the gig, and I forget my in-ears. I’m backstage, and the whole arena’s packed. And Rachel [Bolan] and Snake [Dave Sabo], I go, ‘F*ck, you guys. F*ck, I’ve gotta go back to the hotel. I forgot my f*cking in-ears.’ [Laughs] And I’m in the Uber, and I’m f*cking racing, and the whole reunion’s happening. I’ve gotta get my f*cking in-ears, and I can’t get the hotel key. So let’s analyze that, let’s analyze that sh*t right there that goes on in my head.”

Bach also talked with Metal Hammer about the chance of reuniting with Skid Row last month. He got kicked out of the band almost 30 years ago but has always wanted to rejoin. Still, his former bandmates weren’t keen on it. Bach feels guilty when he receives royalties for albums he made with musicians he hasn’t seen since 1996. He believes they owe it to the fans to come together again.

The musician keeps performing Skid Row songs in his solo live shows. As his recent setlist showed, he had 12 songs from the band out of 14 tracks in total. He performed ‘What Do I Got to Lose?’ and ‘Everybody Bleeds’ from his new album, ‘Child Within the Man.’

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