Foo Fighters New Single Has A Beatles Vibe !

The Foo Fighters took to Twitter to share a 25-second audio snippet of the new track, giving their followers a sneak peek into their latest creation. The reaction was immediate and filled with nostalgia, as fans drew parallels between the teaser and the iconic sound of The Beatles. One fan shared that his father thought the song sounded like a Beatles song, while another simply dubbed it as ‘Beatlesque.’

A fan’s tweet read:

“This… Sounds like a Beatles song (my dad says.)

One of the fans wrote:

“Beatlesque. Love it!”

Taking the Beatles comparisons a step further, one enthusiastic fan declared that this new Foo Fighters album could be the ‘White Album’ of our generation. In a more detailed explanation, another fan suggested that the album would pay homage to the White Album in tribute to the late Taylor Hawkins, indicating a deliberate Beatles-esque influence.

Here is what a fan claimed:

“Hear me out when I say this album will be the ‘White Album’ of this generation.”

Another chimed in:

“They’re going to do an homage to the ‘White album’ in tribute to Taylor. This clip is very intentionally Beatles-esque, and I’m all here for it.”

As the anticipation builds, the Foo Fighters are preparing to release this new single on May 17. Fans will have to wait a little longer to hear the entire album, as ‘But Here We Are’ is set for a June 2 release. The album promises nine other tracks, including the already-released ‘Rescued.’

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