Study: Rice Krispies Treats Beat Doritos As America's Favorite Snack

In celebration of National Snack Day on March 4th, Hubscore has released a report that finds Rice Krispies Treats have overtaken Doritos as America’s new favorite snack. The study, which analyzed the most searched snacks by state, reveals:

  • Rice Krispies Treats are the favorite in 18 states, gaining popularity across the northern states.
  • Doritos lead in 16 states and dominate the South.
  • Cheetos claim the top spot in eight states and reign supreme in the Southwest.

The report highlights regional preferences without delving into the reasons behind them. Besides the top contenders, other brands making their mark include:

  • Lays are the favorite snack in New York and Connecticut.
  • Cheerios are the top pick in New Jersey.
  • Fritos lead the pack in Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wyoming.
  • Chex Mix is the favorite in Montana, North Dakota, and Hawaii.

The study showcases a diverse array of snack preferences across different regions, which makes you wonder what factors might be influencing these choices. Despite the differences in opinion across the country, one thing we seem to all have in common is a love of snacks.

Source: FoodBeast

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