Politicians In Mexico Announce They're In Possession Of Alien Corpses

Aliens creature in the forest

Photo: FOTOKITA / iStock / Getty Images

Out of this world? Politicians in Mexico were shown what UFOlogists claim to be mummified UFO corpses that are “a clear demonstration” of “non-human” entities. The two figures, which were displayed in clear boxes Tuesday for a public congressional hearing on the topic, are said to be between 700 and 1,800 years old with one having something akin to “eggs” inside of it. The ancient beings were reportedly discovered in Cusco, Peru, back in 2017.

So, what was the point of the hearing…besides to freak people out? The hearing aimed to make Mexico the first country in the world to acknowledge the presence of alien life forms on the planet, according to local media.

Check out the story at Daily Mail

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