A Woman in Tennessee Has the World's Longest Mullet at 5 Feet 8 Inches

Not sure what to say about this other than it's just glorious:  A 58-year-old woman from Knoxville, Tennessee named Tami Manis is now an official world record holder . . . for LONGEST MULLET.



It's down to her ankles and measures an impressive 5 feet 8 inches.  



It could be longer now.  That's what it measured when she entered the USA Mullet Championship's "Femullet" division last year.  She somehow placed 2nd in that.  

Guinness didn't have an official record for the longest mullet but added it soon after.  

Tami applied when she heard but didn't know she owned the record until she got the official certificate in the mail recently.



If you want to steal the record from her, it takes some real dedication.  She's been growing it out for over 33 YEARS.

She started her mullet in the mid-'80s but foolishly decided to cut it in 1989 and says she immediately regretted that decision. 



She started growing it out again the next year and never looked back.  She considers February 9th, 1990, her mullet's "birthday."



She keeps it braided most of the time so it doesn't get snagged in stuff.  She rides motorcycles and has to tuck it into the front of her pants so it doesn't get caught in the wheels.



The record for men is a little more attainable, by the way.  But it's kind of pathetic in comparison.  A guy in Ohio had a mullet that measured 3 feet 3 inches long. 



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Photo: Sam Mooy / Getty Images News / Getty Images

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