Superintendent Says Four-Year-Old Texas Boy Must Cut Hair Or Wear A Dress

A Texas grandmother is livid with her grandson's school after they told him that his long hair violated the dress code. Randi Woodley says that when she took Michael to meet his teacher, she was called to the principal's office to discuss the four-year-old boy's hair.

"I was told that I needed to see the principal, so I went to the principal's office where she explained to me that my grandson's hair was too long," Woodley explained during a recent board of education meeting.

Woodley said when she pushed back on the school's dress code, which states that a male student's hair "shouldn't extend past the top of a t-shirt collar," she was given three choices from the district's superintendent.

"And the superintendent then gave me three options. He told me that I could either cut it, braid it and pin it up, or put my grandson in a dress and send him to school, and when prompted, my grandson must say he's a girl," Woodley explained.

Michael isn't the only student to have issues with the dress code, which many parents claim is discriminatory. Another parent, Kambry Cox, told KETK-TV that the school told her that her son couldn't put his dreadlocks in a ponytail.

"My son came home, saying, 'Mom, I think there's something wrong with my hair,'" Cox said.

Woodley is calling on the school board to change the dress code and promised to attend every meeting until they act.

"We shouldn't even be talking about this at any age, because hair has nothing to do with learning," Woodley said.

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