Guy Wants His Bacon Egg And Cheese Bagel Yesterday

I have said it before and I will likely say it again. I have dealt with the public all my working life and they never cease to amaze me. Some but not all are exceptionally demanding but I have never seen someone this demanding. It seems he thought they should have had that bagel ready before he even came in. I don't know maybe he phoned in the order before he arrived. When they didn't he went OFF! Beware he throws merchandise and Bad Language all over the place so be warned. This guy gets so uptight that the New York Police department is searching for him. Fox 5 has the where and what fors at this link just click. Now I do know that many people do seem to think we should know what they want before they even come in. Unfortunately we are not mind readers however I am not sure we would really want to be.  



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