We Have Talked About It Before. Tannerite Is Bad!

As we have seen in the past Tannerite is not to be messed with! Here we have evidence when a couple decided they would use Tannerite in a gender reveal party...Cute Right? NO! As we have seen in the past the stuff is DANGEROUS! After the gender reveal the couple ended up burning something like 47,000 acres causing 8 million dollars in damage! Yeah not cute and the guy was a border patrol agent. He will be paying for it for a long long time. Here we see just how it happened because everyone videos the cute gender reveal so we have it all. There is also a video explaining Tannerite and just how bad it is. CNN has the whole sorted story at this link.  By the way it is going to be a boy who likely won't be going to college on his parents money anyway. 



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