Mishap In Switzerland Leaves Hang Glider Dangling

You know I will do a lot of stuff some might call me a thrill seeker. Yes I love high places I am comfortable in tight spots as I am an avid caver. I have bungee jumped and a few other things that turns my mom's hair white.  However this is just wrong on so many different levels and scares even me. This poor American decided to try hang gliding for the first time while visiting Switzerland. After take off You'll see he was not strapped in and ends up hanging on for dear life for way too long. To top it off the pilot loses control of the flight because of the weight distribution problem. From what I understand there might be a lawsuit pending. The thing of it is the guy says desperate all of that he would go hang gliding again. If You read his captions he has a surprising sense of humor about it.       



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