A Close Look At Washington Redskins Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez got into the NFL in 2009 after leading the University of Southern California offense. In 2008 he took USC to a 12 and 1 record and beat Penn State in the Rose Bowl. The next year he was drafted by the New York Jets for 5 seasons and 2 post season appearances. Then traded to Philadelphia for a couple of seasons. After that to the Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears and now the Washington Redskins. Where Mark has build up some impressive records in the NFL like leading the Jets to an AFC Championship and more. He became more famous for some interesting things during games. He has been caught eating on the sidelines twice and then there is the infamous butt fumble all of which are documented below. Now he is the Washington Redskins' backup quarterback. Find all things Washington Redskins by clicking here.    



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