The Proper Way To Help A Turtle Cross The Road

Protecting our fine shelled friends the turtle. This time of year we are going to see more turtles crossing the road as they move from their feeding area to their hibernation area. They know all the best places and that's why it's important to keep them on the right path. Sure it's good to get them out of the road but make sure You take them to a safer place going in the same direction. Please don't take them to where You think is a better place because You are going to mess them up. You see turtles generally stay in about a mile territory their whole lives which is a long time. They know all the best spots and take them elsewhere will likely kill them. So move them sure but keep them safe and if they need help WHSV and the Wildlife Center of Virginia have some tips by clicking here.  

Years ago I found a massive water turtle crossing the road in Luray. I didn't want him to get hit so I went to help. This guy was as big as a manhole cover and heavy too. I grabbed him from behind and he had nothing to do with it. He hunkered down and was not going to be moved wrapping his tail around my wrist. I ended up directing traffic around him until he got across and he was slow. I ended up late for work but he was good.  


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