Chevy Chase Has Nothing Good To Say About SNL

Wow jealousy much. In an interview with the Washington Post Chevy Chase had absolutely nothing positive to say about the current generation of comedians on Saturday Night Live. Calling the cast and their comedy every name in the book. For Chase's scathing review of SNL click here. He was one of the first "break out stars"  to come out of the Saturday Night Live group.  Personally I always felt there was much better talent in those first years Bill Murray is genius along with John Belushi, Jane Current, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, Eddie Murphy and others. In my mind (and what do I know) those first years were the best. The show has rarely made me laugh after that first and second group of comedians left.       

Just one of the cases in point 


Absolutely Brilliant and Chevy Chase was nowhere in sight 


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