Hurricanes In The Shenandoah Valley Over The Years

Where the Shenandoah Valley is protected by our great mountains around us it is kind of a double edged sword. Where it is tough for a storm to make it into the valley the mountains can also trap a storm inside the valley. I will never forget coming into the valley after Camille hit. You could clearly see how she tried to climb the mountainside and then back down cutting out the trees as she went. Each line was lower than the first as she burned out against the mountain leaving each peak lower than the last. Then there was Agnes which turned the two forks of the river into one under the double bridges in Front Royal. Flooding is of course one of the biggest concerns when it comes to these storm systems and Florence will no doubt be dumping on us. WHSV TV 3 gives us a real nice look at hurricanes from the past at this link, just click.   


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