The Season Opens Tonight Foods That Will Be Eaten

Some of the food from around the NFL can't be found anywhere else. Here let's have a look at some to be sampled this weekend.

  • Arizona Cardinals: Gridiron Challenge Burger. A $75 masterpiece with five one-third pound burger patties, five hot dogs, five bratwursts, eight slices of bacon, eight chicken tenders, 20 slices of American cheese, 12 ounces of fries, and "tanker sauce," all stacked on a 10-inch bun. And the veggies - lettuce, tomato and pickles.
  • Houston Texans: Battle Red Tacos. Chicken tenders encrusted with Flamin' Hot Cheetos, topped them with mango salsa and Sriracha mayo, and nestled it all conveniently inside a flour tortilla.
  • Kansas City Chiefs: Kingdom Inferno Chicken Sandwich. Chicken tender sandwich topped with a mayo made with the hottest pepper known to man -- the Carolina Reaper. And for some more spice pepper jack cheese, sliced jalapenos and Buffalo sauce.
  • Seattle Seahawks: Beef Pho. Vietnamese soup with braised beef, rice noodles, bean sprouts, Thai basil, Fresno chilis and rich pho broth.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: North Shore Huluski. Potato and cheese-filled pierogi pillows, topped with braised cabbage and finished with sliced kielbasa.
  • San Francisco 49ers: Dungeness Crab Pretzel. A pretzel baguette with knuckle and claw crab meat tossed with garlic aioli, Dijon mustard and chives.
  • Detroit Lions: Dessert Nachos. Fried tortilla chips dusted with cinnamon and sugar, then topped with smoked chocolate cherry Nutella sauce, chocolate covered Michigan cherries, sprinkles, and whipped cream. 

If that doesn't make Your mouth water lets have a complete look around the NFL with Sports Illustrated by clicking here.

By The Way if You have ever been to Fedex Field You might recognize this picture. It is a Japanese Inspired dog found where the Washington Redskins call home.  

This young man has been to a few stadiums too and likes to eat. 

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