A UFO Sighted Over North Carolina? You Decide

Javion Hill from Kings Mountain, North Carolina doesn’t believe in UFOs, but his beliefs were questioned once he was sure he saw something suspicious hovering in the night sky recently.  It's far from the first time a North Carolina local has allegedly spotted a UFO, too.

It all started when Javion was trying to take a picture of some incoming storm clouds to send to his wife. “But then I saw something that wasn’t normal and I was like, ‘Oh my god, what is that?’” he says.  He posted the photo on social media, which shows a square aircraft-like object hovering in the sky . . . and soon, it quickly disappeared.

This is far from the first time a North Carolina local has claimed “UFO.”  In fact, North Carolina is reportedly in the top 10 UFO-spotting states.  Just a few days before Javion’s alleged sighting, another North Carolina man took a video of what he alleged was a UFO hovering over a lake.  But it turns out it was just a Goodyear blimp covering a NASCAR event nearby.  It's still unclear what Javion's alleged UFO actually was . . . could it be?



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