Mister Rogers Was A Great And Gentle Man

My sister is 10 years younger then I am and I use to have to watch her when I was home. She liked all the shows on PBS Sesame Street ( Bill Cosby was on it as a young educator). Electric Company with Morgan Freeman as easy reader with Rita Moreno no less. All these shows were in their infancy in 1968 and I and my sister watched them all. Me because I was watching her, she because it was teaching her something. One of the shows that stood out was Mr. Roger's Neighborhood which Howie Mandel worked on in his early career as a stagehand. Mr. Rogers was definitely different and showed kids how to be basically nice to one another. He also taught kids about life's ups and downs too and how life wasn't always nice or fair. I am pleased to see Fred Rogers get some recognition for his years of work and teaching the kids I am just sorry it comes after his death. Reportedly a movie maybe on it's way too with Tom Hanks possibly playing Mr. R himself. That could be good because there is a lot to Mr. Rogers that many don't know like how he is trained to kill. If the story of his work as a Navy Seal is true.        


And just for kicks or bonus if You will some Morgan Freeman as Easy Reader with Rita Moreno. 



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