Dude! You Are Just Making Things Worse For Yourself

This guy has anger issues that lead to more time behind bars. One thing one has to remember is the court holds Your life in their hands so don't aggravate the judge. Manson Bryant was already facing aggravated assault burglary, aggravated robbery and carrying a concealed weapons charge and already received 22 years in prison. Bryant then made things worse by throwing an expletive laden tirade calling the judge and his court every name in the book. Judge Eugene Lucci didn't take kindly to that as no judge would he added 6 years to the 22 already given. 28 years in prison for Mr. Bryant to think about what he did wrong. Mr. Bryant was escorted out of the courtroom by deputies and he continues to cuss and fuss. No worries Live Leaks has bleeped out the words in the video but use this as a lesson for all. If You ever find Yourself in a similar situation Do Not Cuss And Rare that will only make things worse. I mean after all that's what appeals are for.



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