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Woman Giggles in Court After Drunk Driving Accident Kills Man...

'On June 23, 2016, Amanda Kosal was being sentenced for the death of another person during a car crash. She had been driving under the influence at the time of the accident. Two people in the audience, both related to Kosal, were laughing and smiling as she was being sentenced. The judge, Qiana Lillard, asked them to leave.' - via RelyHero

How disrespectful to be laughing. The judge made her feelings known. The woman smirked on her way out! Judge Lillard wasn’t about to let that slide and gave the woman a 93-day jail sentence. Right on! Many others have applauded the actions of the judge. Clearly, there is something not quite right about that entire family.

WHO would laugh? This is gross and the Judge ends it all real quick! This is awesome...