Mexican Authorities Make 'Several Arrests' In Massacre Of Americans

Mexican authorities announced they made "several arrests" following the November 4 massacre on a Mexican highway that left nine Americans, including six children dead. The arrests were the result of a joint operation by the Mexican armed forces, law enforcement, the National Guard, and the National Intelligence Center. Officials arrested a suspect in the brutal ambush attack in November and said that he provided them with "fundamental information and evidence" that led to the recent arrests.

Officials did not provide any details about the number of people arrested or their identities.

Three women and six children, all from the LeBaron family were gunned down and burned alive in an ambush attack while driving in three cars on a remote dirt highway south of the US-Mexico border. The youngest victims were eight-month-old twins, Titus and Tiana Miller.

The LeBaron's belonged to an offshoot group of Mormon fundamentalists, who fled to Mexico roughly one hundred years ago. Officials believe the massacre was the result of mistaken identity and that the family, who have dual U.S.-Mexican citizenship, were not the intended targets of the attack.

Photo: Getty Images

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