The Woman in Black plans to stay in Winchester and Winchester Police are offering her all the comfort and privacy afforded any resident of Winchester as we all should and would expect. The city officers were called to her location as she arrived last night because of the crowd that was gathering to see and in some cases harass her. REALLY!? What's up with that!?! That is not the Winchester I grew up in and around. Why harass her? She is just walking causing no problems. To be fair there are some people who have actually tried to help her offering rides and food I applaud those actions that is the Winchester I know. I only wish someone had offered me a ride when I have had to walk between Winchester and Front Royal. Which I have done twice do You know how Your legs feel like jello after a walk like that...I can't imagine what this Woman feels like then to be harassed after she arrives. It is so out of hand that the Winchester Police have had to issue a statement on the subject here at this link.