We have all heard about the 4.8 earthquake that struck Yellowstone Sunday...Earthquakes at Yellowstone are pretty common several a year...In fact one of the most famous things about the park are the geysers that seem to constantly change because of earthquakes. New ones open old ones close some get higher others lower all do to earth movement...After a 1959 quake a geyser shot 125 feet into the air and that happened until 1961 and now has only spouted twice since. So earth changes are common at Yellowstone it is kind of what that area is about. If You're interested there is more about it and the many earthquakes they experience at this link. There is more interesting earth movement of late that is even more compelling at this link.  I have been thinking about this for a while and will talk to just about anyone who cares to listen. It seems many faults are "waking up" and many are long overdue...The earth is such a cool place..I mean we have this kind of stuff going on how cool is that.