Virginia Tech has been working hard on finding a way to eradicate the stink bug. Just like the rest of us....They found what appears to be a cheap and easy solution. Take a turkey pan put a half gallon of water in it with Dawn detergent...It doesn't say if it has to be Dawn or if any other detergent will work nor how much to use...But when it comes to getting rid of the little buggers I will use what they recommend and all of it just to be on the safe side...Now take those into a dark room and shine a desk lamp on the concoction for no less then 12 hours...recommending 7 PM to 7 Am...Hopefully that will work because the next step is for Tech to take a trip to China where the critter originated to find it's natural enemy and bring it back here...So we will be overrun with them next....The story from Virginia Tech is covered by WSLS at this link.....Good luck