I curse like a sailor when I'm not on the air and find it funny people find some words "offensive". In my mind they are very descriptive words that add impact to a sentence and help cut to the chase. Many of my friends and co-workers are the same, cursing up a storm outside of appearances and air work. Really I believe that these words will be commonplace on the air as well in the near future. Just as the words damn and hell were not allowed to be used on TV until Archie Bunker used them the most. The very first damn actually was on My Favorite Martian in 1965 but used by Archie in the 1970's more often. According to the article at this link from Salon words like bloody and bugger were forbidden at one time. Even now we are hearing the word sh;) more  then ever as people become desensitized and understand that when You say the word there is no doubt what You mean. The article is an interesting read but for those offended by bad words don't read it...It has "bad" words in it.