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Her Life In His Hands

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A One Man Rush Cover Band


How I got myself into this mess:All I wanted to do was not get busted for trespassing....... I've heard other people tell my story of how I got into radio so I better tell you before you hear it from somebody else. In Aug of 1974 I was on my way to my other job at one of the local Caverns. At one of the stop lights I looked to my left and could see the top of an antenna above the trees. I thought "gee I wonder what a radio station looks like!?" So I took the left and drove into the parking lot and to my surprise the back door was wide open. I thought "how inviting is that!" I stepped in to find the engineering table with all kinds of neat tools, switchs and the biggest tube I have ever seen, I thought "how cool is this!" and began playing with all the neat stuff. I was there and alone I know for a good 10 mins. before some hundred year old man peered around the corner and said "can I hep ya?". I stuttered and stammered for a second and said "UH...I'm uh here to uh apply for a job" yeah that's it apply for a job. "As what!?" was his reply....well what else do you do at a radio station besides be a dj? "As a dj!" was my reply. That did not impress him, he wanted a sales person and told me to come back at 5 and "talk to the guy who hires DJs" in a tone that revealed his disgust in me. I walked out wiping my brow thinking "man that was a close one" unfortunately I ended up going back DAMN IT! And that's how I ruined my life.......


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