Your Chances of Getting Audited Are the Lowest in 25 Years
Good news, unethical people ....... 

A Guy Drizzled Melted Gummy Bears on His Wife to Spice Things Up . . . and Gave Her Third-Degree Burns


I'm not sure gummy bears are the most EROTIC food .......





A Guy Is Suing His Ex-Girlfriend For Making Him Take Her Stuffed Animal on Their Dates


Guys will do ANYTHING to get laid .......





A 14-Year-Old Girl Tweeted a Terrorist Threat to American Airlines as a Joke . . . So They Forwarded It to the FBI


Social media sure is a great way for kids to make their IDIOTIC mistakes in public, huh?


There's no word if the FBI has followed up.  (Gawker / Huffington Post) 





A Man Tries to Rob a Beauty Salon Pretending His Fingers Are a Gun . . . and Gets Laughed Out of the Building


As you and I know, FINGER GUNS don't look like actual guns.  This guy clearly didn't realize that.





A Guy in a Superman Robe Chased Down a Burglar . . . And a Guy in a Superman Hoodie Caught a Baby Dropped from a Burning Building


It's been a busy week for dudes acting heroic while randomly wearing SUPERHERO gear.