A Woman Was Run Over by Three Subway Trains in New York . . . and Only Broke Her Shoulder

She was trying to get on the subway at Times Square, but was so hammered she FELL onto the tracks.  Then she was run over by a train.  Then ANOTHER train.  Then a THIRD train.


A Woman Posed as a Doctor, and Gave Men Physicals in Her House

She charged him $65 and seemed very thorough . . . she even took a urine sample.  But he just didn't feel right, so he called the cops.





A Mormon Guy Gets Jail Time For Punching Another Mormon Over Pew Space at Church

He was just sentenced to 30 days in jail for misdemeanor assault.  He also has to go to anger management. 




A Man Is Arrested For Drunk Driving on a Snowmobile . . . in 84-Degree Weather

He was arrested for a DUI . . . his third one, but his first that wasn't in a car.