Men Say the Perfect Day Would Include Four Hours of Sex and Three Hours of Work
A new survey asked men to schedule the PERFECT DAY . . . and apparently, most men think they have the kind of SEXUAL STAMINA that only exists in R&B music or 19-year-olds.
A Guy Staged a Protest Over a Closed Rest Stop . . . Because His Parents Conceived Him There After a Phil Collins Concert
Sadly, Kevin's protest didn't work, and the Des Plaines Oasis was shut down yesterday. 
A Woman Taking Her Driving Test Plowed Into the DMV, Broke a Gas Line, and Caused an Evacuation
Did she pass ???

Police Quickly Caught a Guy Who Promised to Shoot a Random Person If He Got 100 Retweets


20-year-old in downtown Los Angeles tweeted a photo of his SNIPER RIFLE pointed out the window and wrote, "100 retweets and I'll shoot someone walking."  





A Man Hires a Woman For a Naked Massage, Doesn't Like Her Naked Body, and Gets in a Fight Because He Wants a Refund


That's apparently what happened last week in Wichita, Kansas.