A Guy Wearing a Shirt That Says "It's All Fun and Games Until the Cops Show Up" Is Arrested When the Cops Show Up

His shirt wasn't kidding.  


A Girl Calls in a Bomb Threat to a College Graduation . . . To Keep Her Parents From Finding Out She Dropped Out

Unfortunately for her, the police easily traced the call back to her cell phone . . . she didn't even think to use a pay phone. 





An 18-Year-Old Girl Named Peyton Manning Was Arrested For Having Cocaine

There's an 18-year-old girl in Nashville, Tennessee whose actual given name is PEYTON MANNING.





A Man Is Arrested For Having Sex With an ATM

After he was done grinding on the ATM, he started walking around the bar, thrusting his hips and genitalia all over the place.  So the bouncers kicked him out and told him to sit at a wooden picnic table.





A Woman Tells 911 a Pirate Is Attacking Her Car . . . But It Turns Out It's a Guy Dressed as an Elf from "Lord of the Rings"

According to police, the woman's car had several stab marks on it.