A kooky Soundgarden fan was arrested on Friday after being accused of stalking Chris Cornell and his family for months. Jessica Leigh Robbins, 32, is said to have forced the frontman and his wife to move their two children from school after they became convinced she planned to hurt them.

It's believed she tried to enter their Miami, Florida, home last year after a seven-hour drive in an attempt to speak to Cornell. She'd previously claimed to be the mother of one of his kids and is thought to have falsely reported the singer's wife for child abuse.


Administrators of the band's website also reported strings of suspicious comments, up to 100 a day, posted under 37 different usernames but believed to come from the same source. One example, discussing Cornell's wife, said: I'm done playing games with her - she is not going to be able to hurt him ever again by the time I'm done with her."