Scott Weiland is permanently banned from STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, but it sounds like he’s trying to hedge a reunion with the other band he was booted from, VELVET REVOLVERWeiland said, "There's always a chance for things. I've said 'never' before and I've proved myself wrong. And, I mean, I talk to some guys from VELVET REVOLVER on and off and we talk about doing certain things like whenever's there an opportunity where we all have time to do something. Like not maybe long term but in the short term. That'd be cool. I'd be down with that."

Slash has been opposed to working with Weiland again, but it seems like he’s coming around to the idea saying, "I can see Scott coming back, but I can't see anybody accepting him… It's not a big deal and I don't want to badmouth Scott or anything. The whole thing is we're looking for another guy to replace him. It just hasn't happened. It's dormant, but there's activity under the radar."

VELVET REVOLVER has been without a vocalist and pretty much inactive in the six years since they dismissed Weiland.