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Black Sabbath is happy with their upcoming album, "13."  In a new trailer for the project, guitarist Tony Iommi says the material reflects the band's past without sounding stale. 

Iommi adds that he really likes the new material, and says they have "some good stuff going." 

He and Ozzy Osbourne also say they're pleased to be working with producer Rick Rubin.  Iommi explains that they're all trying to bring out "a raw Sabbath" in the studio. 

Ozzy also sees "13" as having a great deal of significance, and calls the disc "quite possibly the most important album" of his career. 

Black Sabbath's "13" is the band's first project with Ozzy since 1978's "Never Say Die!," and the group's first new studio effort since 1995's "Forbidden."  The album is due in stores in June. 

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