(NEWSER) – More background but no answers in the case of yesterday's shooting at Fort Hood: The Army today confirmed that the gunman worked as a truck driver in Iraq from August to December 2011. He saw no combat, and the AP reports that his service record contains no mention of a Purple Heart, indicating he was never injured on the job. Those records show "no direct involvement in combat ... or any injury that might lead us to further investigate battle-related TBI (traumatic brain injury)," said Army Secretary John McHugh today. Gunman Ivan Lopez did, however, "self-report" a TBI. More:

  • House Homeland Security Committee chair Michael McCaul has confirmed the gunman's identity as Lopez, but military officials are still declining to do so, pending notification of his family. There's someone else not using his name: Fox News' Megyn Kelly. Politico reports that she has made it a policy not to use his name, or that of any other mass killer, on the Kelly File; her guests, which today included McCaul, refrained from using his name as well. "Too often it is infamy they seek," she said, "and we decline to help."



  • What McHugh did disclose about the shooter: He's a Puerto Rico native who joined the island's National Guard in 1999 and served on a yearlong peace-keeping mission in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula in the mid-2000s. He then enlisted with the Army in 2008.

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