KISS was excluded from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for several years.  Now, they will finally get in and they could care less.

Paul Stanley ripped the Hall in an interview with Classic Rock Magazine.  Stanley shares:

"So was it an honor to be nominated? No. It means a lot to the fans and I understand it because it’s validation for them. So for that reason I accept graciously and accept on their behalf.  My feelings and my ambivalence about the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame hasn’t changed any. Their attitude is elitist and it doesn’t reflect the public. It reflects a small group who dictate who meets the criteria that they set up as ‘rock and roll’. I’ve always felt the spirit of rock and roll meant not only ignoring your critics, but ignoring your peers and going your own way."

Stanley does say he has no issues with any of the artists who are in the Hall, but the system is "tainted, corrupted and distorted."

He also says that he has no plans to play at the Hall induction.  But, that could change.