There is no debate.

David Bowie and Mick Jagger are two of the greatest of all time.  They are both in the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame.  Bowie has sold an estimated 140 million albums.  Jagger has sold over 250 million albums with The Rolling Stones.

That does not mean that either man is perfect.

In 1985, Bowie and Jagger collaborated on a cover of Dancing in the Street.  The song was first recorded by Motown's Martha and the Vandellas.  It's a good cover.

It was also done for a good cause.

The song was recorded for Live Aid.  All of the profits from the sales of the song went to the Live Aid charity.

Two legends getting together for a great cause.  The result was a good cover song.

But, the video is awful.

It's the one of the silliest music videos ever created.  The video is above.  You can watch it.  Family Guy once played the entire video as a joke.

Now, some people on the internet have taken out the music to the video and added their own sound effects.